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Tribulations of Eric Morena

Many people have hummed to the song of Eric Morena, Ooh Mon Bateau. Eric Morena was the key figure in the Operetta and he had a hidden character of a gentleman behind a hat and a mustache. However, he was not well known during that time. He came out talking about the family rejections and losing a friend. He talked about his life to Magazine France Dimanche.

Even if he was on the top of the charts, his family was not happy about it since they expected to see him taking any other career but not artistic career. They were thinking that he should join his father where he was working in the Bank or any other career but not a singer. Even if his mother sing on his tube and that they see him on television, they still blame him especially when he said that he was an homosexual and her mother lost his friends. He was considered as the devil of his middle class family.

However, this rejection did not slow him down and he continued to what he was doing. This is the time he made an account that changed his life when he met his companion Anthony whom they separated when he died of AIDS in the 1992. When he was in the hospital for his last day, there is none from the Morena family that came to visit and his brother4 advised to stay away from him which shocked him.

However, the family was not the only people that stayed away from him since even his friends did not call anymore and they were saying that there is a AIDS in the home of Morena. Anthony was then hospitalized in the home and wished that his suffering may be abbreviated and he was euthanized by taking a morphine injection.

After the mourning Eric Morena had to live many months in depression and he was relying only on the friends who included Jean Luc Lahaye. He said that he considered him as a young brother and he was the only person he called whenever he felt doing it even it was during the night. During this period, he was helped by the prayers and he met a new companion, a businessman called Herve. When they met, they lived for some time with the ghost of his dead friend but after sometime their love started to grow.

After these hardships, Eric Morena was able to go back to his career and started to appear on the stage once again. He was able to perform before his friend Jean Luc Lahaye also called Grace de Capitani at Dejazat theatre. He is ready to make available his duo album Tres Surprenant in 2015.

When he became celebrity, he lost his friends who were telling him that he had changed but the reality is that they were the one who had changed. Many people started to view him as the singer and even his mother was calling him Morena, the name he was using on the stage but not Eric. His brother reproached him that he is the only person being talked about around.…

The success in the signing career of Eric Morena

Eric Morena is a singer of Opera and he was born in the 1951 at Pas De Calais. He was successful in the 1987 when he sang the song Oh! Mon Bateau. He studied theology and he went to do missionary work in Africa so that he can try out his ecclesiastical vocation. He did his studies at Conservatoire D’ Art Lyrique De Paris under many professors of the Paris Opera like Michel Dens, Gabriel Bacquier, Henri Legay. He worked with the Lucian Lupi who is a singer and performed with him in many Operas.

When he became famous with his song Oh Mon Bateau, he posed as the gentleman parodic character as Luis Mariano character but he was not taken seriously. The single was made in many copies around the France and it made him to be nominated for the best artist of the year.

Eric Morena was able to release many other singles such Ramon et Pedro and Le torero de l’amour. In the year 1989, he releases the first album Oh Mon Album but it was not able to reach to the success of the single Oh Mon Bateau but it did well at a certain level. He was able to sing in the show which Francis Lopez was able to mount for him and the album was released in the year 1991. When he was not the fan of the record labels anymore, he started to perform in the Night club and galas.

In the year 1992, Eric Morena said that he is homosexual and he married another man whom he was saying is his companion in Catholic rites. However, afterwards, he said that the marriage was a fake and it was staged for the advertising purpose and it was organized by his manager who wanted to see his career revived. His so called husband was in reality not his companion in any way and he was already dying of AIDS. The Priest said to celebrate the marriage, he was also a fake. He said that this masquerade was a form of the self destruction and it was the result of his personal distress.

After the death of his companion, he passed in a period of depression. In the year 1996, he was able to release the album which was the tribute of Dario Moreno; it was called Si Tu Vas a Dario. He also produced other songs during this period but it was not possible for him to get back to his prior success. He released a new album in the year 2011 and it was titled L’ amour est eternal. With it, he returned to the sources of Opera and the sung many songs that were already sung in Italian and French. In the year 2013, he was able to release the song Sous Le Ciel Etoile and he was able to make too many records. He said that being a singer is good but sometime may not pay that much especially because even if he was doing well with his song Oh Mon Bateau, he did not get too much from it.…