The came back of Eric Morena

Eric Morena is among these people who have waited for many years to get the success they want. He is no longer interested being in limelight and he is lucid. You should not expect him to hide the past mistakes. He is the man who had been imprisoned in the repository of humor and parody dissonant. He is now trying to go back to his career and his is not willing to compromise his career while preparing to get a new stage. However, he is coming far and his withdrawal was forced by the health problems.

In the year 2006, he had to record the tribute for Francis Lopez, who was his teacher and he had to write him a special operetta in 90s. He was been hospitalized in emergency when his peritoneum had pierced his diverticulum and it caused the sepsis. He said that it was a worse case and that the doctors told him that if he had been one hour and half late, he would have died. He did not produce the album but until the 80.

Eric Morena had quick success for his songs. He started to look for a lyrical artist when he was interested in singing. When he was given the song for the first time, he taught it was a ridiculous song but went ahead with it since he was looking forward to sing. He said they had made him a sexuality character and they insisted that he continues to wear the costume even when he is in the streets. He said he had to pay the price for his success and he had to sink into the false charade when he had to do a fake gay marriage. However, this did not help him in any way especially when his supposed partner was found out to have AIDS. His partner then had to be cared for by medical professionals with their ACLS recertification online. The doctors that had ACLS recertification online had special training to assist his partner if there was an emergency situation. ACLS recertification online also allowed them to anticipate critical events often times before they occurred. The public entertainment stopped and there were no more sequins. His friend was supposed to die and there was nothing that he would have done because there was no treatment that time. Even if it was an ordeal, he stayed with him until he died and he was not able to stand the hospitalization anymore. Eric collapsed and he says he does not know what he did during the 8 days that followed his friend’s death and he returned to living afterwards.

When he recorded, L’Amour est Eternel, he chose a new meaning to his life. He gave the tribute to Serge Lama in a booklet. When he left the seminary and fails to become a priest he went to Paris and Serge was a hit during that time. He had to stay in the convention center for some months and even if he was doing some odd jobs, he had to go to see him each night. He said that he is the singer who had touched him the most and he was talking about balance, absence, death, love and hope.

Eric Morena is surrounded by the lyricists and he is known to have the impressive tenor voice. Some people got to him after the performance and ask him why he does not try something else with his voice.