The rises and falls of Eric Morena

Eric Morena was born in France and he started to like the music when he was still young. He is known to sing the hit called Oh! Mon Bateau and it was peaked on 22 position in France. He sung L’Envie D’ Aimer in the Album Retour Gagnant. Even if he was interested in the music, at one time he joined Saint-sulpice D’ Issy Le Moulineaux where he wanted to become a father of Spiritains fathers. When he was in the mission in Africa, Eric Morena decided to leave the congregation and followed a new voice.

Eric decided to live in Paris in the end of 80s, he had the passion for the music but not only the Opera which is his passion. He was working on his songs with the best professor of Lyric Art. At the same he was working on small jobs to be able to get money to sustain his needs. When he was encouraged by a friend, he sent his voice and a renowned producer gets interested and this is the start of a big adventure.

His song Oh ! Mon Bateau was a success and it was nominated for Victories de La Musique award by the Lion D’Argent in Cannes. He was crowned at the stage of Olympia and the press said that they have got the new artist.

Eric continued his success together with Ramon et Pedro and the album called Oh My Album. He continued with the homage to Dario Moreno where he said Si Tu Vas a Dario and he did L’ Enchanteur afterwards. A famous composer called Francis Lopez, did a music for him and he performed it when he was surrounded by over 50 artists in the Eldorado theater and it was sold out.

Eric Morena is the singer who has Latin roots with the spontaneity warmth and the generosity which are the qualities that characterize him. Even if he was able to sing the best song, he did not do well for a long period. With her success, he did not stay afloat and he had a brief success. Afterwards, the singer had to return to shadows. Now he is back and he is trying to engage himself to the spotlight once again.

His success was based on his being been a former missionary and decided to be a singer at the operatta. This marked the peak for his career. Only after two years of his success, he disappeared. After two years, he tried to seduce the masses with new albums but it did not work out. Afterwards, he disappeared completely in the 1990s.

Eric Morena said that he was not successful because of bad choices he made and the explained that he was not making good choices for his production. However, he says that this is not the only thing that made him to disappear but also because of the death of his friend who suffered AIDS since it disturbed him too much. After suffering the depression for many years, he was able get back to the spotlight slowly.