Who is Eric Morena

Eric Morena was born in the Northern France under the name Eric Antoine Hubert Morena. He was born on the family that has Spanish ancestors and his family was marked by the profound catholicity at the same time it was a musical family. When he was still young, he was sent to the Issy Les Moulineaux seminary so that he can learn and become a priest afterwards. Even if he continued to studies in the theology studies within his congregation, he continued to sing when he imitated his idols like Luis Mariano and Dario Moreno between the Hail Marys and Paternoster. When he went as a missionary in Africa, he started to doubt his calling. He was being tried by the flesh and when he returned to France, he decided to leave the seminary and tried his chance in 1981, in Paris.

He was an enthusiast for the staging, theater and operatta so he registered at Conservatoire D’art Lyrique De Paris where he was a student of Lucien Lupi and Henri Legay who was the former partner of Luis Moreno at the scene. He studied to work on his vocal ability and playing on the scene which helped him to start a career in many operettas that were played in Paris Opera and on Theatre Du Chatelet.

During this period, he was thinking about a new and ambitious career but at the same time he was interpreting Offenbach and Bizet in operettas. During that time, it was clear that the show business was ready to get a new singer. As if by game, he did record the demo tape and he started a tour of record companies. He got the attention of Wagram editor and he gave him the contract for the Oh Mon Bateau. This song had a promotional clip which was new that time.

With his parody and humor, he was able to overtake the Lead within the top fifty and he started a tour around France. He was imposing his character and he was grinning as if he was not serious taking up the character of Luis Mariano. He was consecrated by the Victoire de La Musique to be the Artist of the Year of 1987. It was because he was able to sell one million records and how his song Oh Mon Bateau was humorous. He also got a Lion D’ Argent in Cannes.

After working on Oh Mon Bateau , he worked on successful tours and he sung other songs like Je suis Le Torero De L’Amour among other songs. He was able to produce his first album in 1989, but it did not get the success that was expected but it still did well at a certain level. After two years, he did Andalusian Saint Omer which was a blunt even if it was an ambitious show. It was created for him by Francis Lopez and he was surrounded by fifty musicians while performing. Some of the greatest tunes were from the classical singer of Operetta Carmen from Mexico. Afterwards, Eric was no longer interested in the recording but returned to the stage.